Travis Nasatir, Music Director

Travis Nasatir, Music DirectorTravis Nasatir has been playing music for 20 years on his primary instrument, trumpet. Over that time he has played for more than 50 musical theatre productions and in dozens of ensembles across all genres of music. In addition to performance, Mr. Nasatir has worked as a youth educator in both trumpet and at Temple Shir Ami where he taught Hebrew to the B’nai Mitzvah and confirmation classes.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, Mr. Nasatir was employed as a trumpet coach at Hopkins Junior High School in Fremont. Inspired by his students, he composed “Rejouissance,” a new work written specifically for the school’s wind ensemble. That work debuted in 2014 and it (along with the performances) received repeated commendations from music professors and program directors of large universities. Encouraged by the positive response, Mr. Nasatir has recently submitted “Rejouissance” for formal publication

Just as his students rose to the occasion for him, Mr. Nasatir is compelled to do the same for them. This was a key motivator to become a founding member of the Mission Peak Wind Symphony. Specifically, he aims to deliver a venue for dedicated and talented young individuals to hone their skills further using advanced concert literature and provide a nurturing environment for the appreciation of music and the arts in general.