Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mission Peak Wind Symphony?

Mission Peak Wind Symphony offers young people an exciting opportunity to enhance their musical talents and share their accomplishments through public performances in the community. MPWS is a public benefit nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.

When and where does the symphony meet?

Rehearsals are held once a week on Monday* evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. starting in late August and running to May. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled by the Music Director. The group will meet in the band room (Room 34) at Hopkins Junior High School, 600 Driscoll Road, Fremont. (*Some rehearsals in December, January, February, and May will be held on different days, see the Calendar for updates).

Are there any performances?

Yes, three performances are scheduled in 2021. Please check our  Calendar for updates. You can also see the programs from past performances.

Who can join?

Students who will be in 8th to 12th grade in fall of the music season, who play a concert band instrument(s), including string bass, and who submit a complete audition recording, are eligible to join the Mission Peak Wind Symphony. Acceptance to join the symphony will be based on the submitted audition recording, available seats, and the instrumentation needs as determined by the music director.

Do I have to audition to join?

Yes, an audition is required for full membership. Auditions are now closed, but an additional round of auditions will open soon.

What is the audition judge looking for?

Our judges will be looking at tone quality, intonation, rhythmic accuracy and musical interpretation.

When can I audition?

Auditions are currently open!  Please visit the Auditions page.

When will audition results be known?

Individuals who submitted timely and complete auditions will be notified by letter mailed to the address they provided in the online form. Results will be mailed by the end of April.

Does everyone need to audition?

Current members who have already successfully completed the audition process will not be required to audition. All others interested in becoming a member are required to audition for full membership.

Are there any costs to join?

There is a membership fee of $500 ($550 for percussionists) which covers the program expenses (e.g., music, photocopying, facilities fees, janitorial services, etc.).

Depending on the requirements of the music, at times the director may require members to obtain (purchase or borrow) additional auxiliary equipment. Examples might include Harmon mutes for trumpets, cartwheel mallets for timpani, etc. MPWS will provide notice prior to the beginning of each semester if additional accessories will be required and recommends that members purchase these accessories whenever possible. Only accessories for the member’s instrument will be required. At no time will the purchase of additional instruments be required. More details can be found under Instruments & Equipment.

What if I have to drop out, do I get a refund?

Normal policy is that Mission Peak Wind Symphony will refund the membership fee less an administration fee of $50 if the member drops on or before July 1.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, full refunds for 2020-2021 will be offered until September 1, 2020.  If the season is impacted by continued school closures, refunds will be available to all members.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the symphony?

You will play exciting concert band music with other highly dedicated musicians striving for artistic excellence. The experience offered is not about competition with other students, schools, or music groups, but to comprehend true success—”Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” John R. Wooden

I have some questions or want more information about this program. Who do I contact?

Please contact us to submit your question or request for more information.